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One of our core competencies is the regulation of contractual relationships between companies and individuals. Every day we are commissioned to draft or review contracts of different kinds. We already have years of experience and knowledge of how to implement them in practice. This enable us to draft contracts that are profitable for both parties. The focus is always on reaching an agreement. These include, among others, supply contracts, purchase contracts, service contracts, rental contracts, loan contracts, contracts for the transfer of Know-how, etc.

We advise our clients on all legal issues relating to the establishment of branches handle changes in the Russian Commercial Register and help you to set up your corporate structure. Changes of shareholders or changes of the articles of association are also part of our daily work. In addition, we assist foreign companies in liquidation and insolvency proceedings of their Russian branches. Thanks to several years of experience, we are able to explain complicated issues in a comprehensible way and to handle them quickly and effectively.

Always seek professional advice in advance when it comes to hiring or terminating employees! You will pay for the supposed savings several times over later in the case of a conflict. However, if you need quick and competent help in connection with terminations, warnings or severance negotiations, we will be happy to assist you. Of course, this does not only apply to disputes, but also to the hiring of employees. Regardless of whether you have Russian or foreign citizens - we draw up employment contracts, advise you on income tax and social security contributions, obtain work permits and obtain residence permits for your employees.

We provide protection of violated or disputed rights and legitimate interests of those who carry out entrepreneurial and other economic activities in (or related to) the Russian Federation in arbitration courts of Russia, as well as the protection of any other rights in courts of general jurisdiction. Exceptionally individual approach to our guarantor and the client can not only deeply understand the situation, but also take all the wishes: preparation of strategy, filing a lawsuit, the variability of tactics, the exact mapping and complaints of representation in courts of all instances.

A solid legal advice includes clarification of tax aspects. This concerns the conclusion of contracts, the application of the optimal tax regime of the Russian company, and the taxation of the income or assets of private individuals. We will be happy to assist you in finding the optimal solution for you and your company.

Eurasian Economic Union

Today, EAEU is the most important regional integration association promoting the convergence of economies and their sustainable development for growth and prosperity. We are active in international bodies and EU institutions, and we are members of expert councils and working groups of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Our competence to defend rights in cases of disqualification from competition allows for clear enforcement of competition law. Advancing the interests of entrepreneurs in the Russian marketplace, we not only conduct in-depth research, provide advice and recommendations on the state of the investment climate, the competitive environment and the political and legislative markets.

Customs and tariff regulation

Our experts will not allow unreasonable restrictions and prohibitions and will prove your rightness at all stages of a dispute or investigation. It is important, however, that your position is based on Russian law and international legal norms, and that the procedures for them are transparent.

Import and Export support

We deal with the drafting and execution of international sales and supply agreements, commercial agency and authorized dealer agreements, and transportation and forwarding agreements. If properly drafted, you can reduce the risk of litigation from the outset. You can expect excellent advice and support from us in dealing with out-of-court disputes, especially in an international context.



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