Consent to personal data processing

OOO «Draganov & Pipal» (hereinafter referred to as «the Operator») guarantees that the personal data provided by a user will be processed in strict compliance with the requirements of Russian data privacy regulations and the Operator’s Policy on the Processing and Protection of Personal Data and other provisions.   

You give your consent to the Operator (located at: Russian Federation, 119002 Moscow, Pereulok Sivtstev Vrashek 29/16, 4th floor, Premises II, Office 401) to process your personal data by: 
  1.     Continuing to visit the Operator’s website, the domain («the Draganov & Pipal website») and use its functionality 
  2.     Checking «✓» in the «Consent» field when completing the respective online forms on the Draganov & Pipal website. By providing your consent, you authorize the Operator to process the personal data you indicated in the respective contact form on the Draganov & Pipal website, as well as data obtained during your website visits and use of its functionality.   

All personal data is processed so as to enable the achievement of one, several or all of the objectives below: 
  1.     To review and record your communication (inquiries, suggestions, feedback, complaints, recommendations) with the Operator and provide informational support.
   2.       To send you service offerings from the Operator. 

Both automated and non-automated will be used to process your personal data by obtaining (collecting) data through open Internet channels, including data obtained (collected) from third parties, records, systems, data accumulations, storage, specification (updates, changes), retrieval, usage, transfer (provision, access), blocking, deletion and destruction. The Operator may only transfer your personal data to its employees.   
The Operator may process the following data received during your visits on the Draganov & Pipal- website and use of its functionality: 
  1.   IP addresses of Internet service providers granting users access to the Operator’s websites
  2.   Information about the date and time of network addresses and website visit
  3.   User session time
  4.   Cookies
  5.   User’s web browser and device data 
  6.   User’s search requests 
  7.   Geographical location of user’s IP address 
The Operator can obtain the abovementioned information using various methods, including, but not limited to, cookies and web beacons. The technical capacities of the Draganov & Pipal website and third-party providers’ solutions, including Adobe Analytics, are used for data collection purposes. Third party providers do not perform and are not able to perform comparisons of the data they receive with the personal data indicated by you on online forms on the Draganov & Pipal website that can identify you. Third party providers are responsible for storing and further processing the data they receive on their own servers. The Operator bears no responsibility for their location. 
This Consent is valid as of its provision to the moment of its withdrawal. 

You may recall your Consent in accordance with Article 9 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ «On Personal Data» of 27.07.2006 by sending a written request to the Operator or by contacting the Operator via telephone number or email stated on the Draganov & Pipal website. Should you recall your consent, the Operator may continue to process your personal data without your consent subject to the grounds specified in Items 2-11, Part 1, Article 6, P. 2, Article 10 and P. 2, Article 11 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ «On Personal Data» of 27.07.2006.