The international legal company « Draganov & Pipal » is a company with unique competencies in all key industries, areas of business and investment activities.

The company responds individually to each request of its clients and finds the best solutions, even in the most complex cases.

Draganov & Pipal enjoys an impeccable reputation, applies international professional standards and gives legal advice of any complexity.


  • Systemic solutions and support of the entire process – from the idea to practical implementation and further expansion
  • Comprehensive support in all phases of the project
  • Legal advice
  • Identification the most attractive region and the appropriate industry block
  • Search and identification of long-term local business partners
  • Conducting negotiations with governmental authorities on the provision of maximum investment benefits and special conditions according to Russian law
  • Assessment of administrative risks and opportunities
  • Risk Management
  • Minimization of tax risks
  • Reputation Management
  • Full communication and media possibilities


  • Systemic assessment of the existing business situation
  • Crisis management
  • Development of a strategy to increase business capitalization
  • Expansion into new industry blocks
  • Reputation management
  • Risk management

Managing Partner


Born on April 22, 1951 
Russian state functionary and public figure
Honored lawyer of Russia
Colonel General of the Customs Service of the USSR and Russia
More than 30 years in the service of customs authorities

Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Russia in two Russian governments under E.M. Primakov and S.V. Kirienko

13-year deputy of the State Duma of Russia of the third, fourth and fifth legislative periods, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Energy, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the Budget and Taxes, member of the State Duma Commission on Audit of Federal Budgetary Expenditures to Ensure National Defense of National Security and Legal Protection.

He was one of the main actors in Russia's integration into the WTO, in the creation of the Eurasian Economic Community and the structures of the EurAsEC.

He regularly participated in the Interparliamentary Committee of the European Parliament and the Parliament of the Russian Federation for Partnership and Cooperation. He was elected spokesperson of the Russian delegation at the Russia-EU summits on cooperation with the European Union and key issues of economic partnership.

He worked successfully in strong business sectors - he was Deputy General Director of UC RUSAL; President of AVTOTOR Holding; currently he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Research and Production Association (NPO) Conversion and a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).
Member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP);
He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Football Union of the USSR and member of the Executive Committee and Vice-President of the Russian Football Union (RFS) until 2007.
He is the author of more than 30 scientific papers and textbooks. 



Isabella Pipal is a well-known business lady and lawyer
Since 2013 she has been working in Russia

Partner of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Austria in the Russian Federation

She is an active participant in the Russian-Austrian Business Council 

Ms. Pipal has two higher educations and graduated from Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck:

- Master's degree in Law
- Bachelor of Slavic studies 


- Understanding of complex cases, industries and markets
- Individualized consideration of complex cases
- No formal bureaucratic approaches
- Understanding current goals, challenges and specific issues
- Efficient search and selection of relevant strategic partners (distributors) on the Russian market

Antimonopoly regulation
Tax law
Civil Law
Labor and migration law
Corporate Law
Pharmaceutical and medical industry
Concerns of the agricultural sector
Food Industry
Land use in agriculture
Fishing, aquaculture, fish processing
Food and catering market
Retail, regulation of trade
Automotive Industry
Infrastructure projects of federal importance
Import and Export support
Customs and customs tariff regulation
Eurasian Economic Union, integration into the CIS region
Sports Law

Electrical power engineering: generation, electricity grids, electricity market
Thermal power, heat supply
Nuclear Power Industry

Renewable (alternative) energy
Energy efficiency and energy saving

Housing policy, housing market
Housing and utility sector
Building regulations
Oil and gas chemistry, chemical industry
Natural resource management
Use of mineral resources
Mining of solid mineral resources
Coal Industry
Building materials, machinery and equipment industry

Information Technologies
Technological developments and innovations
Development institutions and instruments
Intellectual property
Economic Regulation, Economic Environment

Regulation of insurance activity
Regulation of the production and circulation of alcohol and tobacco
Social innovation, non-profit organizations, charity
Waste Management

Special investment opportunities - Far East and Baikal region