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Medicine and pharmaceuticals are highly competitive sectors in Russia. The approval of medical products or drugs is complicated and tends to be a lengthy process. The Eurasian Union has now developed an approval procedure that applies to the entire Union. Starting in 2022, only approvals for the entire Eurasian Economic Union can be applied for. If the decision is positive, the manufacturer will be entitled to supply to the entire EAWU.   
 In recent years, an increasing number of raiders from Asia have flooded the market, attempting to register generic drugs based on clinical studies conducted by Western pharmaceutical manufacturers. These are urged to take active part to protect their IP rights. 

Since January 2019, the "waste reform" has been in force in the Russian Federation, which is intended to change the system of processing and disposal of household waste nationwide. The process is progressing very slowly, and the government is taking care to use mainly domestic technologies.   Companies with the appropriate expertise, which localize at least part of their production in Russia, have excellent opportunities to participate in the development and implementation of circular economy or waste incineration plants.  

The Russian Federation joined the Paris Climate Agreement in 2019. Since then, new measures have been continuously taken to comply with the agreement and contribute to climate protection. In recent years, a lot has already been invested in the production of renewable energy. In 2021, the country's largest wind energy Park went into operation in Stavropol. Environmental protection and renewable technologies have top priorities. In many areas, there is still a lack of expertise in the country, which means that reliable technology partners and suppliers from abroad are in high demand.

The Russian logistics industry is currently booming. The increasing shortage and associated price increase of some raw materials in Europe, such as wood or steel, is leading to a great demand for suppliers from Russia. Transport by land is often not attractive, which is why sea transport is usually used.   
 Our excellent business relations with a port in Kaliningrad enable our customers to transship their goods there. Kaliningrad acts as an interface between Russia and Europe. In addition, the entire Kaliningrad region has been designated a special economic zone. The associated tax benefits create a particularly attractive investment climate for business start-ups and the development of business projects.

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